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Smart Home FAQ


A smart home is a home that uses modern electronic devices, that enables home automation, remote control of appliances and monitoring of home with the help of the internet, from wherever you are with your phone.

Smart home comes with countless benefits as it makes our daily life comfortable, safe and convenient.

  • Remote control: Smart home allow you to control all home appliances from wherever you are with your phone.
  • Energy saving: With the help of smart home automation, home appliances not in use switches off automatically, to help you save power.
  •  Improved security/safety: It enables you monitor your home against threat, as it sends videos and pictures of anyone found close to your home, sends smoke and gas leakages as notification to your phone
  • Motion control: With the assistance of Motion sensor devices, the smart home enables you to control programmed home appliances, by detecting your presence.
  • Wireless connection: Smart home saves you from defacing the beauty of your House with cables, as devices are wirelessly connected, with the help of wifi and other internet enabled accessories.
  • Customized home: Home customization is limitless with smart home technology, as it allows you to customize your home to you taste.

There is no barrier to what appliances you can automate. Smart home solution enables you to automate your lights, door lock, window blinds, window curtains, Television, sound system, water heater, air condition and many more.

Apart from installing Common wire(c-wire) for some smart thermostats, all you need is to replace your old switches and sockets with smart home enabled ones.


Home Energy Solutions

We provide a range of home energy solutions such as solar power system, solar water heaters, geothermal heating and cooling, smart home technology. Save on electricity bill by installing our smart lights, thermostats and electrical outlets which can be controlled from your mobile phone or tablets.

Smart houses are better homes!