The 2022 presidential election is fast approaching and who said you will be getting best real estate deals after election season. With so many uncertainties, it can be difficult to predict how the real estate sector might look once the dusts have settled. History tells us that certain changes occurs after a new regime emerges.

Here are a few updates on how the real estate might look post-election

Government policy
Government policies changes most times when a new candidate is appointed into the office. There is always one or two policies to be reviewed in order to suit them but you can never know whether it will be beneficial or not . It”s advisable to invest now than later to avoid what would have been.

Tax Rate Changes
Tax rates is likely to change which means that the incentives that make owning real estate more affordable could be up in the air. They may increase or decrease, but that’s never known until the new policymakers take office and vote on it. The tax rate and capital gains taxes could also change with new people in office locally and federally.

Regardless of what may or may not, If you’re looking to buy a land at a reasonable price and rate in strategic location, our team can connect you with information and homes that will best fit your needs.

Pay attention to changing tax rates and take advantage of the lowest rates we’ve seen! No matter the state of the world, this is the best time to grab the opportunity to achieving the home of your dreams!

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