Investment is said to be one of the major activities that drive out stability and enhance human being lifestyles. Over time real estate has proven to be one of the best vehicles in achieving them. The mistake many of us make is that we fail to recognize opportunities when we come across them. Some said, “I can’t buy land in that underdeveloped area” a few years ago but now they wish they did. Land appreciates overtime and never depreciates.
Several factors hinder us from making real estate investment decisions. Some are;


Budget is a major factor when making real estate-related decisions and that is why at Oneland Africa, they are not just after-sales but they offer excellent advisory services.

Interestingly, Oneland Africa also offers a budget-friendly installment payment plan that would interest you.


Location is said to be another factor that affects our decisions when it comes to real estate investment. It all boils down to the purpose of the investment, are you are buying to sell for a long or short term period or, you are buying for immediate use. Communicating the purpose of the investment to the real estate organization is key because it helps to provide a suitable location that suits the purpose of your investment.

With Oneland Africa be rest assured because they are known for allocating lands that best suits clients’ purposes of investment. If you have any real estate investment, send us a message or visit our website @


Return of investment is also key in making real estate decisions and that is why the location at which your property is suited matters. At Oneland Africa they research the economic value of the location before acquiring lands in the environs.

The fear of what if would not be there with Oneland Africa because there is an assured 300% ROI when you invest.

There are many more factors that we consider as risks when making real estate investment decisions but with Oneland Africa you don’t need to worry about any of the above mentioned risks . Contact us @ for advice on any real estate related question and also suitable real estate investment plans for you.

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